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Australian Bushfires

Donate to the Australian Bushfires

As you may be aware, Australia is in the grips of devastating bushfires. KEVIN.MURPHY will be donating $100,000 to various organisations in Australia to provide relief and recovery assistance to its citizens, firefighters and wildlife.Our hearts our broken for the families and wildlife impacted and our thoughts are with the courageous firefighters and the sacrifices they are making to bring these fires under control. The fires in Australia have now scorched more than 15 million acres of land, killed almost half a billion animals, burned down over 1,400 homes, and displaced hundreds of thousands of people.

We encourage those that find it in their hearts to donate and have listed the links to the organisations we will be giving back to below. They are on the front lines and assisting not only people, but also animals affected. Below are descriptions of how the donations will be used:

The regional fire services in the worst affected states, NSW, SA & VIC all require significant help for volunteer firefighters on the frontline, as well as provide relief to those affected. The Red Cross Disaster Relief is supporting thousands of people in evacuation centres and recovery hubs across Australia.

RSPCA NSW and the World Wildlife Fund are doing all they can to protect the animals in threatened or affected areas.


是我們品牌的核心,我們持續 致力於幫助關注人類和環境問題的慈善事業。無論何時何地, 只要有機會,我們就會專注於 透過分銷商和髮廊網路的支援,資助 與我們理念相近的事業和慈善機構。 我們支援的眾多慈善事業包括氣候現況計劃 (Climate Reality Project,)、Wings of Karen 及文化即生活 (Culture is Life)。


KEVIN.MURPHY is very proud to support Al Gore’s climate change leadership program, The Climate Reality Project. A non-profit global organisation, The Climate Reality Project is dedicated to educating the public about the science and impact of climate change, and works towards finding global solutions at a grassroots level. Having attended The Climate Reality Project’s 2011 Asia-Pacific Summit held in Jakarta, Kevin became an official Climate Reality Project Presenter and has committed to being responsible for communicating climate control messages to our broad network of hairdressers, stylists, and consumers. Through selected product sales, KEVIN.MURPHY makes a financial donation to The Climate Reality Project in an effort to lessen our overall global carbon footprint.



Wings of Karen

Wings of Karen 是一個非營利乳癌基金會,一直以迫切的態度支援可讓全球女性受惠的研究。該社區組織的使命是資助太平洋西北地區有潛力的乳癌研究,同時伸出援手積極賦予女性自主權並教育她們。這家 501(c)(3) 機構的區域性相當明顯 — 即所有資金都透過 Wings of Karen 支援的不同 組織直接向美國華盛頓州的研究者提供。 透過精選產品銷售活動,KEVIN.MURPHY 向 Wings of Karen 捐款,進而 資助乳癌各方面的研究,包括預防、篩檢和治療。


點按此處查看更多有關 Wings of Karen 的內容。




透過 Kevin Murphy 的熱心以及本品牌對「文化即生活」活動的財務支援,由原住民社區領導的有效解決方案得以傳遞並獲得回應。文化及國家歸屬感是原住民社交和情緒健康的重要基礎。 讓我們攜手幫助這些受破壞的社區恢復平衡與和諧。