Massimo Morello

Massimo 在美麗的意大利威尼斯出生,家族三代都在當地從事美髮行業。他用過往二十年的時間訓練,現在他的美髮技藝已經爐火純青。

從意大利搬到澳洲後,Massimo 經營了一家成功的美髮沙龍,在經營數年後,他完全被 KEVIN.MURPHY 所吸引。他立即就意識到自己想要成為品牌教師,並於 2012 年在出任 GOLD.KEY 獲得巨大的成功後,成為了歐洲首個 STYLE.MASTER。

In his current role as a SESSION.MASTER, Massimo has launched the brand in Taiwan, South Africa, Japan, Spain, Poland, Italy, Cyprus and Greece. He is also in demand as a hair director for events such as the Elite Model Look World Final. Massimo translates his global backstage experiences into experiential workshops as part of the KEVIN.MURPHY education program in Europe, showing and teaching stylists how to push themselves to achieve more than they could ever imagine. Living his dream, Massimo travels the world inspiring and educating stylists as well as working on international fashion shows.